Why Amazon’s new model is so good for you

If you’re one of the millions of people who still rely on Amazon’s e-commerce platform for their daily shopping, the first thing you might notice about Amazon’s latest update to its platform is that it seems to have no shortage of new features.The company’s new platform is designed to be a better place for shoppers […]

Why rent assistance is so hard to find in Oregon

The housing market has been so good in the state of Oregon that some landlords are making it nearly impossible to find rent assistance for their properties.According to the Oregon Department of Finance, there are more than 7,700 rental properties in the State of Oregon.If you’re looking for a rental, there’s no shortage of options, […]

How to rent a big screen TV

A huge part of your TV experience is watching TV shows and movies.But you don’t need a big, bulky TV to do this.Here’s how you can rent one, and we’ve found some great deals to help get you started.1.Roku Streaming Stick (Roku, Roku Plus) The Roku Streaming stick ($100) has the best price and features, […]