How to avoid rent assistance in indiana

An article in the Austin American-Statesman says that landlords are being advised to not pay rent assistance to low-income people who can’t afford rent in the city.

The article says that the state of Texas is trying to find ways to help its renters and that a bill introduced last month is looking to create a special housing assistance program for low-wage earners.

It says that a “bailout” program will allow low-skilled workers in the area to pay rent.

The bill was introduced by Rep. Greg Harris, a Republican from the Austin area, and Rep. Joanna Johnson, a Democrat from East Austin.

They say that the bill will provide funding for housing assistance to those who cannot afford to pay for housing in Austin.

They also say that if a tenant can’t pay rent, the government will pay the rent and that if they don’t pay, the landlord could lose their lease.

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