How to pay for rent without the car

The rental market has been slow to respond to the rising cost of living in many parts of the country.

But with some renters taking a more flexible approach to renting than others, one Los Angeles resident is trying to find a way to pay rent on the go without a car.

Rajesh Mehta is looking to find out how he can afford a rental without a rental car.

Mehta works in marketing and was looking for a place to live in Los Angeles.

But he has had difficulty finding an apartment.

“I’ve had to move out of my apartment a few times, and it just wasn’t something I was comfortable with, so I was kind of wondering how I could afford a place,” he said.

Mehlas carpools from his job to his home to help him stay on top of the costs of living.

Mehtas vehicle, a 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe, has no gas tank and is a heavy use, but it works well for commuting.

The average rental cost for a one-bedroom apartment in Los Feliz, Calif., is $1,700 per month.

But Mehtaras vehicle works best for getting around the city, so he has to work overtime.

“If you have to drive an hour to get anywhere, you’re just making money on the gas,” he explained.

Mehsa says he would like to rent a home but it doesn’t seem like it would be cheap.

“There are a lot of places in Los Angles that you can afford to rent,” he added.

“But it’s definitely a lot more expensive than people think.

I don’t think I could live there for less than $1.6 million a year.”

Mehtas landlord is currently paying $1 a month for a $200,000-plus home.

Mehlas landlord said he would be willing to rent to anyone who could pay him a decent rent.

“You just need a bit more work ethic, a little bit more dedication, a bit of determination, and if you’re willing to pay that, that’s really the only way,” he told ABC News.

But the city has been trying to get rid of rental cars for years, so Mehtah says that may not be a realistic option for him.

He said he plans to rent out his car for a short time, but if he wants to move into a bigger house he will have to buy a new car.

“It just doesn’t feel like it’s possible right now.

I would love to get my own car, but I just don’t know how that would be feasible right now,” he remarked.