How to Rent a Cop

More than 60,000 people are now renting out their police officers as they battle a drug epidemic.

But if you have an officer on the beat, you might be able to get a free ride to work.

“It’s not just about police officers.

Anyone can rent a police car,” said David McDonough, who has been working with the San Francisco Police Officers Association for the past 15 years.”

They have to be licensed, and that means you have to have a police license, and you have no idea if you’re going to be driving or not,” he said.

He said that, for most police officers, renting out a police vehicle is just about as cheap as it gets.

“The costs are so low that you don’t even have to rent it, you can just pay for the car, drive it to work, and pay off the loan,” McDonow said.

But some officers may want to consider paying for their own vehicle.

That’s why the Police Association of America (PAOA) is sponsoring a new program that lets people rent their own police cars, and they say they’re working with a number of police departments to see if they can get more officers to join in.

“We are trying to get as many as we can, and we’re getting a lot of interest,” said PAOA president Kevin Loehr.

He told NBC Bay Area the program is intended to provide affordable rental cars for police officers who need to rent a car, and he’s optimistic the program will be a success.

“When it’s over we’ll have a whole fleet of police cars,” he added.

But the agency is also encouraging people to get in touch with their local police department for more information.