How to rent a TV on Netflix

Netflix has finally been able to put its Netflix Instant video streaming service into a rent-a-home program.

That means you can rent out your TV to a family member, friend or a stranger in your area for as little as $1,000.

That’s $1.99 per month for Netflix members, and you’ll pay $1 per month per person to rent it out.

The rental fee includes a TV, the internet, cable TV, and a local phone.

The $1 a month fee is waived if the person renting your TV is not a Netflix subscriber.

The program is only available in the San Francisco Bay Area, but other cities in the Bay Area and Washington, DC, are seeing it as well.

The Netflix rental program was rolled out this week to all customers in the U.S. and Canada, and will be rolling out nationwide later this year.

Netflix also offers a similar program in its streaming service called Amazon Prime Video, but that one is limited to a single city, and only for Prime members.

The service costs $99 per year to rent and will also have to be activated by the person who is renting the TV.