How to Rent an Average Apartment in Miami for $1,500 a Month

Rent a house in Miami and you’re bound to be paying $1.4 million to live there.

That’s the average monthly rent for an apartment in Miami.

The average apartment rent in the United States is $2,086 a month.

But when you factor in the typical mortgage payments, you end up paying $2.6 million to $2 million a year for a house.

Here are a few tips to help you get a good deal on your apartment in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world.1.

Make a List of Your Favorite Apartment Closets and Use It As A Listing in Real Estate Ads2.

Consider a Mortgage on a Two-Bedroom Apartment3.

Pay the Minimum Rent for a Two Bedroom Apu4.

Consider Paying a Down Payment on an Apartment5.

Choose a Housing Agency That Doesn’t Rent Out the Apartment6.

Choose an Apu House for Your House7.

Choose The Best Apartment for Your Budget8.

Check Out a New Apartment9.

Use the Rent Calculator on to Compare Rent Prices10.

Use our Budgeting Tool to Compare Expenses11.

See Renting Rates and Compare to Other Apartment Marketplaces