How to Save Your Relationship From a Scam: How to Get Out of a Contractually Obligated Marriage

What do you do if your ex is demanding a divorce?

What can you do about it?

These are just some of the questions that have been posed to us by our readers in the past couple of weeks.

But what if you can’t?

And what if your partner is actually trying to leave you?

It is not uncommon for couples to settle on a mutually acceptable settlement and have it accepted by both parties. 

It is not just couples that need to be wary.

Any time a marriage agreement is reached, the agreement itself can change depending on the circumstances of the relationship. 

In many instances, it may be the contract itself that changes, not the terms. 

A lot of this has to do with the nature of the contract.

It is written in a contract and the parties are entitled to it to the extent that they signed it. 

This may not be the case for every situation, and it can be very difficult to know whether the terms are in your ex’s favour.

In the majority of cases, the only way to be sure is to consult a qualified legal professional. 

The best advice you can give to any prospective divorcee or newlyweds is to find out as much as you can about the situation from your ex and his/her lawyers, and try to get any advice you may need from them.

If you feel the need to contact your ex, then you will be making yourself vulnerable to what he/she wants. 

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 If you are looking for advice about a contract, or any other legal issue, then contact one of the following organisations: The Legal Aid Centre  This is a free, confidential service that provides free legal advice to people in Australia, the UK and other countries. 

Contact them by emailing [email protected]

You can also call 1300 989 989. 

Lawyer Referral Service  These are independent and impartial solicitors that provide legal advice for those in crisis, or who are struggling with a serious legal issue. 

Find out more about them on their website. 

Family Law Centre This is the Australian legal organisation that deals with families in family law. 

Get advice on family law matters from their lawyers or call 1300 888 888. 

LAWUK  Find a lawyer in Australia who will be able to assist you in your family law case. 

If there are no other options, you may wish to consider hiring a private lawyer. 

Travis Mckay’s Legal Advice Service  The Lawyer Referring Service is a specialist legal team who can assist you with legal matters relating to your current or former partner, children, parents, siblings or other family members. 

You can reach them by phone or email. 

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