NYCHA pays rent, rents home, buys furniture

New York’s New York State Department of Housing and Community Development (NYCHA) has paid rent on the home of one of its tenants, a transgender woman who is one of the first to receive state funding to become a resident. 

In a letter posted online on Wednesday, the department said the rent was paid in July, after a year of waiting. 

“I have spent over a year searching for the right place to live in New York, and it’s been an exciting experience,” the letter read.

“I am grateful for the opportunity and opportunity to be a New Yorker.”

A trans woman in her 30s living alone has been a part of the story of the NYCHA’s effort to expand access to housing for people with disabilities, as well as providing more affordable housing for the disabled and disabled-serving people. 

Trans people can now access housing in New Mexico and Arizona, according to the department. 

The letter continued:”As a first step in achieving that goal, we have paid rent for a one-bedroom unit in the new community that was built in the summer of 2018, after NYCHA had completed its initial review of the property. 

As of today, this unit is available to anyone who meets the New York state minimum age of 21. 

A second one-bed unit will be added to the program in 2019. 

NYCHA is committed to expanding the opportunity for people of all backgrounds to access affordable housing, and to providing a place to call home.”NYCHA announced in May that it would expand its rent assistance program to include transgender residents in its Housing Equity Initiative. 

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