Why you should rent a generator in Adelaide

The idea of having a generator on hand for your own uses is not new to the Adelaide area.

Since 2007, the number of people using generators has exploded.

Now the Adelaide City Council is looking to increase the supply of generators to the city to meet growing demand.

Advertisement “Our community has been experiencing significant electricity supply shortages over the last several years and it’s a big issue for us,” said city council spokeswoman Sarah Dolan.

“Our aim is to see as many as possible of our existing generators out in the community so that they can be used.”

She said the city was working with the Adelaide Power Generation (APG) to look at options to extend the supply, such as allowing generators to be stored in buildings or in sheds.

APG will not say how many generators the council is looking at.

“We’re very keen to continue to expand our capacity and we’ll continue to look into other ways to ensure our community can meet their electricity needs,” Ms Dolan said.

“But we want to continue our discussions with APG on that.”

A generator on the corner of Swanston and Swanston Street, south of the city’s CBD.

Photo: James Brickwood “We’ve been working with APGS for quite some time and we’re hoping to have some additional generators available in our CBD by the end of the year.”

In February, the council announced a $1.6 million grant for the installation of two additional generator units in Adelaide’s CBD area.

The grants will be available until June 2020.

Ms Dola said the grants were an opportunity for people to make a more positive impact.

“The grants will enable us to continue with our long term planning to increase our capacity,” she said.

A generator in the CBD area, in Swanston St. and Swanney St. The council’s plan to expand the supply in the city.

Photo by James Brick, supplied.

The city has also started to encourage people to look for alternative energy sources, including rooftop solar panels.

“While we are looking at the supply options, we want people to be aware that we’re also looking at ways to increase renewable energy,” Ms Pigg said.

“So we are actively encouraging people to explore the options to use renewable energy, and if they choose to do that we encourage them to make an effort to get out and find an alternative energy source.”

A utility is expected to start providing electricity to homes in the south of Adelaide on June 8.