Rent assistance: How you can help

In the UK, the rent assistance system provides a number of ways to help people pay their rent.

These include:If you’re in receipt of rent payments, you can apply for rent assistance payments from the Local Government Administration (LGA) of the county in which you live.

These payments are normally made by a landlord, but you can get them through the Rental Assistance Scheme.

If you are a tenant in receipt, you may be eligible for some other type of rent assistance.

In particular, you are eligible for help with the costs of moving to another area of the UK or overseas.

You also get a free copy of the rent agreement you signed with your landlord.

If the amount of rent you’re paying is too high, you’re able to apply for a special subsidy.

This is based on your household size and your average income.

This means that you may qualify for help to pay more than your rent, but the amount you are able to get is limited to the amount your household is paying in rent per month.

If you qualify for a subsidy, you’ll need to tell the LGA that you need help and will also have to give a copy of your rent agreement to them.

There are also several other benefits that you can receive.

You can apply to receive some of these benefits on a lump sum payment.

You’re able, for example, to pay your rent over the course of one or more months, which is often referred to as a “purchase” or “pension”.

If you live in Scotland, you might also be able to qualify for free rent assistance if you are in receipt and paying rent at a rate that meets the threshold for income assistance.

You can apply if you’re the primary earner and you’re:If your primary earning household has a household size of more than 10 people, you could be eligible to apply to get rent assistance in Scotland.

You must have a household income of at least £150,000.

You are only eligible if you can prove that you’ve made a genuine effort to get on in your life, or if you haven’t been making any extra income.

If your household income is £150k or less, you should apply for help applying for rent aid if you meet the criteria.

Income-related rent subsidies are also available to tenants in receipt.

These can be used to help pay your living costs, such as mortgage repayments, rent and utility bills, and your child’s school fees.