What’s the rent for a fence in Calgary?

A new home in Calgary’s Northlands has a $1,000 rent tag for a 1,600-square-foot front porch.

The price tag is a bit higher than what the owner is willing to pay for a similar unit on their property in the neighbourhood.

But it’s not the only one in the Northlands that’s going for a price tag higher than the average rental.

The owner of a condo building on the Northland’s north side is paying $1.5 million for a 5,400-square foot backyard with a patio.

It’s just one of several properties in the area that are getting a price that is beyond the norm, said Coun.

Lisa DeCoutere, who represents the North Shore on the city’s planning and development committee.

The area that houses the property is known for being the hotbed for crime, drug trafficking and other serious issues, said DeCinsecore.

It is also a neighbourhood that’s been hit hard by the oil price downturn, she said.

So it’s quite a bit of stress that has hit this area, DeCreere said.

DeCoutre says the neighbourhood has seen a sharp increase in property crime in the past couple of years.

“We have had a lot of people who’ve been coming here, looking for housing and then suddenly, a lot more crime has come in and out of the neighbourhood,” she said, adding that the community has been dealing with an increase in crime on its streets.

The condo building in question is located on the corner of Highway 13 and Highway 403, and is the owner of the condo on which the property was built.

DeCaloutere says she was informed about the condo’s $1 million price tag when the owners told her last week.

“They have said they are not going to go any higher,” she told CBC News.

DeCoroutere said she is concerned that the condo owner may be asking for a tax break that could increase property taxes, as well as make the building less attractive to new home buyers.

DeLand Properties Inc. has been offering a 30-per-cent discount on the building’s $2,500 rent tag, as long as the unit is occupied by a resident of the building.

The company’s website lists the unit as a “front porch with a screened porch.”

In the past, the unit has had to be occupied by someone with a disability.

“This is not the first time we have had issues with the front porch and we are continuing to work to address it,” DeLand Properties said in a statement.

“The units we sell are a reflection of the community we serve.”