A landlord must not ask tenants for their rent when they rent a penthouse for a fraction of what a regular apartment would cost

Rent controls in the US are being called “ridiculous”, and landlords are “firing people like me”.

The New York Times has reported that a landlord in New York has told the tenant she can not ask for rent for the first three months of the tenancy.

However, it is understood that the tenant, who lives in the Flatiron District in Manhattan, was given a 30 per cent discount when she signed a lease with the landlord last year.

The tenant’s landlord said she was entitled to a 30 percent discount, but she was asked to pay rent for five months instead.

The New Yorker has filed a complaint with the state Department of Fair Employment and Housing, which is responsible for enforcing rent laws.

It’s understood that she was offered a discount after she asked for rent in February.

It is unclear whether she is still waiting for her discount, and whether she has any recourse if she doesn’t get it.

She told the Times that she had to make a financial sacrifice because of the “fiscal squeeze” of being a low-income tenant.

“I’m going to have to move, I’m going into a rent control unit and we’re going to see what happens,” she said.

The Flatiron landlord said that he has not seen the report and could not comment on the case.

The Rent Control Act, which was enacted in the 1970s, allows landlords to ask for the rent of tenants they rent out.

It allows landlords who are unable to afford rent to charge higher rents.

If you are a tenant in New Zealand, please contact the Rent Control Agency (RTA) at 0800 854 997.