Barca fans are in full force for the Camp Nou clash with Real Madrid

Barca players are in Barcelona to watch their Spanish team face Real Madrid, with some even bringing their own equipment.

A lot of the equipment for the Spanish team’s camp is donated by the Barca FC team and this is also the case for Real Madrid.

In fact, Real Madrid even brought their own football pitch.

Barcelona FC captain Luis Suarez, for example, was photographed at the Campana in Barcelona on Sunday, along with a couple of other Barcelona players.

Suarez, of course, is in the same squad as Neymar, Luis Suarez and Xavi Suarez.

“We are in a group with Real and the Real Madrid staff, who gave us the pitch.

We want to show our appreciation to them and we hope they will make us more popular in the future,” Suarez said.

“I think the fans will be able to see us again on Saturday.”

Some players have also brought their equipment.

Luis Suarez brought his own football equipment to the Campanas for the first time, after winning the Champions League last season.

“We are here to watch our team and also to thank Real Madrid for their generosity.

We are happy to be here for this game and we would like to thank them for their hospitality,” Suarez told a press conference after his side beat Real 4-0 on Sunday.

Barca FC captain Lionel Messi, who also has a Campana, is also in the area to watch his team.

“I came to see the stadium, but I also want to thank everyone who donated their equipment to us,” Messi said. 

“The fans are really appreciative.

They are always giving us support, even when they don’t know us.” 

“We want to make this game a big success.

We’re ready to fight for the league and for our country,” Messi added.