How to get rid of the rent tab on your new mobile phone

How do you get rid the rent check on your smartphone?

How do I remove the rent tabs on my smartphone?

Well, you could go and use Google Now to do it.

Here’s how.

How do I go about getting rid of a rent tab?

How to get out of a rental tab on a mobile phoneHow to remove the rental tabs on your phoneWhat to do if I need to remove rent tab when my rent is paidHow to go back to using your rent tabHow to cancel a rent checkYou can check your rent amount and see the amount you have left in your rent check using the Google Now menu.

How to add an amountYou can add an extra amount to your rent and check it with Google Now.

How to delete a rentCheck your rent balance and remove it from your phone using the drop down menu.

What if I want to check my rent but can’t find my rent?

Well, there are several ways to check your total rent amount.

There’s the Google Play app which shows you the rent and your rent, and you can add a note to your account saying ‘I forgot to add my rent amount to my account’.

You can also add a reminder for the next time you check.

If you’re going to do that, make sure you make sure it’s a reminder that you will be checking your rent again, or you’ll be stuck with the amount that you forgot to include.