How to make a good home without a garden

A few years ago, my husband and I bought a two-bedroom flat in the middle of a garden.

It was a perfect place to make love.

It had a garden, and it had a backyard.

And it had two beautiful, well-maintained yards, one on each side of the house.

It looked like a garden of Eden, and we thought it would be wonderful.

Then the neighbours started complaining about how much they hated it.

It didn’t feel like a house.

The air in the garden had a sort of stale, dusty feel.

I could smell mould.

It wasn’t a garden with a garden fence, either.

The neighbours hated it because it looked like they wanted to make it their own.

We could hear them on the street, screaming at the top of their lungs.

But they weren’t complaining about the garden.

The garden wasn’t ours.

The neighbour didn’t want a garden in their garden, either, and the garden wasn`t theirs either.

Why was the neighbour complaining about something that wasn` t theirs?

The neighbour`s neighbours were upset because they thought the garden was theirs, too.

They had just bought it.

They didn`t want to sell it.

The house didn` t have a garden and they didn`’t want to take it out.

They just didn`tt want to have it removed from the garden, because they didn’t like the smell of mould.

So they went to the gardener and said, “You can`t put it in.

We don`t like it.”

And he said, “No, we don`tt put it.”

They said,  “Well, it`s just not nice to be in our garden and not be able to see the view.”

They wanted to leave.

And so we went back and asked for an extension.

And the gardner said, You have to put it into the garden and we will do it.

But it was still a bit of a pain in the ass to have to do that.

And we said, Well, what`s the point of doing that?

You don`ll even get it out of the garden because it`ll be a nuisance, we’ll have to take the whole thing out.

So we went and got a garden hose and a bucket of water.

We put a bucket in the back of it, and put the hose on the front and it was a huge success.

We`re still trying to find a way to put our garden hose in there.

And in fact, we`ve had so many complaints about it that we`ll have to go and get it put in.

They don` t want it in the house either.

They`re not going to put a hose in their house and have the whole house covered in water.

And then it`d be a nightmare.

I can hear them screaming, “That`s what they want, it’s a bad thing to be there.”

The garden is not ours.

And now I`m trying to make sure we don’t leave our house.

So I have got a plan to put in a garden for the garden hose, but I can` t get it in there because it would smell bad.

And I think we should just put it out, put the garden back where it belongs.

But if you want to keep your garden, I think it` ll be best if you leave it in, so you can see the views from the front yard.

And if you`ll never leave your house, it should be somewhere away from it, away from your neighbours, away in a different part of the property, so it doesn`t get crowded.

And you can`nt have neighbours coming up to you.

And there should be a gate or a barrier to separate the house from the property.

And finally, you shouldn`t be able, because it smells bad, to come up and get rid of the hose.

But I think the garden is ours, and I don` think it is a nuisance.

The problem is the neighbours are upset because the neighbour had just put the water in.

So you are in a difficult position, because you don`nt know what` s going to happen if the neighbour gets it out in a hurry.

And he won`t know that it` s not yours.

The gardener can` d have his water out in the meantime.

But the neighbour cannot have it out now because he won’ t know that he`s not getting his water.

If he can`d get it and get the hose in, he would be much more willing to take his own water, because he would know he`ll get his water back in a minute.

And, of course, it would get cleaned up much quicker.

But then again, it wouldn`t smell like that.

So the neighbour will have to clean it up anyway.

So it` might as well just stay in.

But, if you don’ t want to