New York City to give all-day yoga classes in residential areas to low-income residents

New York, New York (AP) New York’s state legislature approved new rules Tuesday that will allow low- and moderate-income New Yorkers to use their yoga mats for free.

The legislation gives New Yorkers the right to use the mats in their homes for up to 10 minutes a day, or for up, three, four or five days a week, depending on their income.

The new rules are designed to allow yoga mats in homes for a minimum of five minutes a month, or in private homes for an additional three minutes a week.

The law gives families the right of one-week use of the mats and allows families to rent the mats for up-to-10 minutes a time, as long as they pay for them.

The law also expands the definition of “private home,” which covers any dwelling with no more than two people.

The bill requires the state Department of Health to create a program to distribute yoga mats nationwide.

The department plans to create programs for schools and other nonprofit organizations that offer yoga classes to low and moderate income New Yorkers.