‘The Big Bang Theory’ returns with another round of twists in October 2017

The Big Bang, one of the most popular science fiction series on television, returns to NBC for another round in October with the series premiere of a brand new series titled The Quantum B.O.W. (Quantum Physics for Obedience).

The episode, which premiered Thursday night, stars the likes of Tom Cavanagh, David Cross, Josh Radnor, Sarah Paulson, and John Cho as a group of scientists and mathematicians who have to work with an alien species to create a machine that can break the laws of physics.

In the episode, the crew finds out that the aliens are using quantum mechanics to create weapons that can wipe out entire planets in seconds.

The episode will air in the fall on NBC.

It also stars Stephen Colbert, James Roday, Chris O’Dowd, and Amy Sedaris.

The Quantum Break will air on NBC in the summer.

The Big Love episode is the first episode of the series to debut in syndication on the network in the past four years.

The show, which stars Kevin James and Adam Driver, returns for a third season this fall.

The new season of The Big B.o.W., which will feature guest stars Sarah Paul, John Cho, Jon Hamm, and others, will premiere on Oct. 20.

The premiere of The Quantum Bangs will premiere this fall on Fox.

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