How to find the perfect apartment in Milwaukee

article You’ve been dreaming of moving to Milwaukee and you’re itching to get started.That’s because the City of Milwaukee is getting a new tenant and you want to make sure you’re up to speed.You’re looking for a one-bedroom apartment, and the price tag will be somewhere in the $800 to $1,000 range.But where can you […]

How to rent a movie for under $15: How to pay less than a penny per minute

Rent a friend.Or watch Netflix.Or use an app like Netflix Instant Video.You get the idea.The key is to be careful not to let the video quality get too good.The same goes for your entertainment preferences.If you don’t like watching porn, then you probably won’t enjoy watching the best films.Instead, make sure you can watch at […]

How to find affordable rental assistance: Help with car repairs

Rents have soared in recent years, with an average of $1,100 a month for a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan in August, according to a report from real estate data firm Trulia.In August, a one and a half-bedroom unit in the Upper East Side went for $1.95 million.That’s up from $1 million in August 2018.More to […]

How to rent an all-inclusive home in the Las Vegas area

Reno, Nev.— A new report by the National Association of Realtors has found that Nevada residents are spending more than twice as much on a house in the state as people in the national average.The Las Vegas Realtor Association estimates that renters in the Reno metro area spend $1,053 on their homes.In Las Vegas, the […]

Rental assistance available in London for Indian clients

London has become the latest financial hub to offer rent assistance to foreign clients, which is part of the countrys $100 billion foreign investment push.According to the Financial Times, the city has started offering the help for “a range of circumstances” including non-residential property and rent arrears for landlords and tenants.“It is possible for us […]