3D-printed house for rent: New home for $2,000 a week

A 3D printer is the next big thing in building a new home, and a group of researchers is ready to show off their first home.

A group of engineering students from Texas A&M University and their home design firm is now planning a 3D printing house for $4,500 a week.

The design is meant to showcase how the 3D printed home will be a comfortable, functional home for its owner, but they want to also show off how easy it is to make things happen.

They want to demonstrate how the home will work with 3D printers in the future.

The house is set to open in mid-January in the University of Texas at Austin campus.

They are calling it The House for Rent and they are asking anyone who wants to contribute $500 to help.

They have been working on the design and are now putting together a Kickstarter page to raise the money for their project.

The team said they are aiming for a construction and a completion date of mid-February.

If all goes as planned, the home is expected to be ready in February 2019.

“This is a real house,” co-founder and 3D Prints professor Andrew Luebke told Fox News.

“It’s designed to be made in a week, it’s going to be in the kitchen and the bathroom and it’s ready for occupancy.

It’s a really nice, modern design.

You can actually get a lot of use out of this thing.

The idea is to use this to make some really unique designs in the next three years.”

The project, called The House For Rent, is also looking to help the local economy in a way that has the potential to benefit both local businesses and people who might otherwise have a hard time finding a home.

Luepke said the house will be used for educational purposes as well.

“We’re going to put in a lot more classrooms to give them some opportunities to actually learn and maybe learn how to use 3D,” Luecke said.

Luesbke, who is a professor of materials science and engineering at the University, said he has seen the benefits of 3D technology in the manufacturing industry.

“When you can create something from a blueprint, you can actually print something.

You know, when you print something you’re actually able to make it,” he said. “

Now, the possibilities are just as great.

You know, when you print something you’re actually able to make it,” he said.

“The thing is, we can actually actually build things in our own homes and make it happen.”

Lueberke said he is not worried about the cost.

“You know, the cost is really low compared to other things we’re doing.

I think that’s really important,” he told Fox.

“A lot of people think, ‘Oh, I don’t know, maybe I can get it cheaper,'” Luee said.

He said they will be offering the house as a rental.

“People are looking for a cheaper option to go live in,” Luesberke explained.

“I think the house has the opportunity to really benefit local businesses that may be struggling in their neighborhood or communities.”

Luesberg, who works for a commercial company, is hoping to see his idea become a reality.

“Our plan is to open it as a company,” he explained.

The House will have a kitchen and bathrooms.

The kitchen is a two-person space with a sink, microwave, dishwasher, dish soap and sink.

It is designed to look like a typical kitchen sink and will also have a sink area with shelves and cabinets.

The bathroom will be located in the living room, with a bathtub and shower.

The floor will be made of wood and will have an area where you can throw in your trash.

Lurebke said that the main goal is to bring 3D manufacturing into the home, not just in Austin, but across the country.

“If you look at the number of houses we’re seeing being built in the U.S., we’re getting more and more people interested in this technology,” he added.

“So, I think it’s really really important that we bring this technology to the home.”