How to find affordable rental assistance: Help with car repairs

Rents have soared in recent years, with an average of $1,100 a month for a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan in August, according to a report from real estate data firm Trulia.

In August, a one and a half-bedroom unit in the Upper East Side went for $1.95 million.

That’s up from $1 million in August 2018.

More to the point, there are many options for renters who need help with car repair and repairs to utilities.

The city has a program called the Rent Assistance Program that offers subsidies to renters who are making more than 60 percent of area median income and are making $40,000 or less a year.

In New York City, it is also known as the Rent-A-Center, which helps low-income people afford car repairs and repairs.

For the average household, it costs about $300 to get the basic repairs done, according a spokeswoman for the city’s Housing Department.

There are two different kinds of repairs you can get through the program: an emergency repair, and an installment loan.

An emergency repair involves the landlord fixing the problem without paying the tenant.

For a one bedroom apartment in a two-bedroom rental, the average cost of repairs would be about $600 a month.

A three-bedroom one-bathroom apartment would cost about $1 to $1