Iowans get a ‘good news’ as they celebrate ‘good’ unemployment numbers

The unemployment rate dropped slightly in January to 7.1%, the lowest since August.

The rate rose in February to 7%, the highest since March.

It’s still lower than economists had expected, but it is higher than economists expected, too.

The jobs report came a day after a federal appeals court ruled in favor of the states of Indiana and North Carolina, who had challenged a portion of the law that requires states to offer paid family leave.

Indiana Gov.

Mike Pence said he was confident the appeals court ruling would keep the state from being forced to give the benefits.

“Our state has done an outstanding job, and this is a decision that the courts will ultimately make,” Pence said.

“It’s not a surprise.

It should be clear.

We’ve had the right of it.”

The Supreme Court ruling also is a victory for Republicans in Congress.

It means that Republicans control both chambers of Congress.

Republicans have long criticized the federal government for having failed to provide paid leave to millions of Americans who lack jobs.

But the ruling makes it harder for them to argue for other changes that Democrats support, like a larger increase in the minimum wage.

They have argued that the higher minimum wage could make it more difficult for businesses to hire workers and put upward pressure on wages.

“The Supreme Court is making it harder and harder for the Republican Congress to roll back protections that are helping millions of hard-working Americans get ahead,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said in a statement.

“This ruling is a significant win for millions of families in this country who are fighting for a fair and equal society.

The Republicans have no business trying to take away our hard-earned benefits.”

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