Rent calculator: how much to rent a house

Rent calculator – how much you’ll pay for a house in Hong Kong and across the world.If you want to rent an apartment or condo in Hongkong, you’ll need to make a rent calculation on your own.The process is very similar to that of a property agent, and you’ll probably have to do your own […]

How to rent an apartment in spain and how to pay for it

A new article by The Huffington Weighs In has revealed some fascinating statistics on renting in Spain.As the title indicates, renting a home is no longer free, but there are some important factors to consider when choosing a property.1.It’s not just for rent: According to a survey conducted by El País newspaper, the average price […]

The Rise of Rent Assistance: The Case for Reforming the Welfare State

Rent assistance programs have been a popular part of the federal government’s welfare reform agenda for decades.The Affordable Care Act, which expanded eligibility to include all Americans and extended unemployment benefits to millions of workers, was originally enacted in March 2010 to help reduce poverty and unemployment.Since then, several states and localities have passed rent […]

What to look for when looking for a rental property

The cost of rent is one of the biggest financial barriers to buying a rental home.But for many renters, that’s not the case.Many rent-stabilized apartments do not have their own owners, so many landlords will ask for their rent paid to an agency.In most cases, however, that means the rent you pay is actually the […]

How to pay rent in New York City

New York, New York – A new study suggests that New Yorkers who live in the most expensive boroughs may be more likely to be poor and stay that way. The study, by the University of Chicago’s Urban Institute and the Urban Institute’s Center for Housing Policy, looked at trends in housing in the New York […]