When rent assistance was a popular option for many low-income renters in the 1930s, rent-stabilized homes weren’t a great idea

Rent assistance was the preferred method of rent-control relief for many people in the early years of the Great Depression, but it’s been a contentious idea ever since.When rent-assistance was first introduced in 1935, the nation’s housing market was already in a financial mess and it was difficult to find a home that could be […]

‘The Big Bang Theory’ returns with another round of twists in October 2017

The Big Bang, one of the most popular science fiction series on television, returns to NBC for another round in October with the series premiere of a brand new series titled The Quantum B.O.W. (Quantum Physics for Obedience).The episode, which premiered Thursday night, stars the likes of Tom Cavanagh, David Cross, Josh Radnor, Sarah Paulson, […]

Barca fans are in full force for the Camp Nou clash with Real Madrid

Barca players are in Barcelona to watch their Spanish team face Real Madrid, with some even bringing their own equipment.A lot of the equipment for the Spanish team’s camp is donated by the Barca FC team and this is also the case for Real Madrid.In fact, Real Madrid even brought their own football pitch.Barcelona FC […]