Barca fans are in full force for the Camp Nou clash with Real Madrid

Barca players are in Barcelona to watch their Spanish team face Real Madrid, with some even bringing their own equipment.A lot of the equipment for the Spanish team’s camp is donated by the Barca FC team and this is also the case for Real Madrid.In fact, Real Madrid even brought their own football pitch.Barcelona FC […]

The Boy for Rent: A Tale of Two Towns

New York City is home to a huge number of abandoned homes, which often end up as a destination for the homeless, a problem that can often take years to resolve.In New York, the New York Times reports that more than two million people have lost their homes to foreclosure since 2010.According to a 2015 […]

How to make sure you don’t need to rent your home

Tallahasco, FL (AP) — Renting your home can be a tricky business.But for some homeowners, that’s not a problem.Here are some tips for those who want to make renting easier for themselves and their family.You can rent your house out for one or more years, but if you need help with that, you might want […]

Real estate experts agree rental boom will help boost Boise’s economy

Rent recovery solutions are coming to the Boise area, but many experts aren’t buying them.That’s because the boom is likely to cause economic problems and strain a housing market that is already strained by the economic downturn, and that the city’s new rent recovery efforts are unlikely to be enough to help.“There are a lot […]