How to find affordable rental assistance: Help with car repairs

Rents have soared in recent years, with an average of $1,100 a month for a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan in August, according to a report from real estate data firm Trulia.In August, a one and a half-bedroom unit in the Upper East Side went for $1.95 million.That’s up from $1 million in August 2018.More to […]

Why the Rent Is So High, and Why You Should Care

The number of people who rent in New York is at an all-time high, and some are complaining that rents are too high.The city’s housing shortage has led to a boom in the rental market, with prices skyrocketing in some neighborhoods and rents falling elsewhere.Here’s what you need to know about the latest, and what […]

Rent rises on New York apartments to help struggling tenants cover rent

Rents for New York’s most expensive apartments rose more than 5% in February, bringing the average price for a three-bedroom apartment to $1,068 a month, according to data released Wednesday by the state Housing Authority.In a statement, the Housing Authority said its rental market is “at a critical crossroads.”The agency, which oversees the city’s rental […]