Why Amazon’s new model is so good for you

If you’re one of the millions of people who still rely on Amazon’s e-commerce platform for their daily shopping, the first thing you might notice about Amazon’s latest update to its platform is that it seems to have no shortage of new features.The company’s new platform is designed to be a better place for shoppers […]

How to rent a big screen TV

A huge part of your TV experience is watching TV shows and movies.But you don’t need a big, bulky TV to do this.Here’s how you can rent one, and we’ve found some great deals to help get you started.1.Roku Streaming Stick (Roku, Roku Plus) The Roku Streaming stick ($100) has the best price and features, […]

How to Rent an Average Apartment in Miami for $1,500 a Month

Rent a house in Miami and you’re bound to be paying $1.4 million to live there.That’s the average monthly rent for an apartment in Miami.The average apartment rent in the United States is $2,086 a month.But when you factor in the typical mortgage payments, you end up paying $2.6 million to $2 million a year […]

How to Rent a Cop

More than 60,000 people are now renting out their police officers as they battle a drug epidemic.But if you have an officer on the beat, you might be able to get a free ride to work.“It’s not just about police officers.Anyone can rent a police car,” said David McDonough, who has been working with the […]

How to make your own rent-free apartment in NYC without moving boxes or moving boxes on the street

The rent-based economy is an economic model that relies on a housing supply that’s constantly expanding, not decreasing.The supply of available apartments and the market for renting them is constantly expanding.But if you don’t have a house yet, renting an apartment could be the next logical step in your career.Renting an apartment doesn’t have to […]