NYCHA pays rent one

NEW YORK — New York City’s public housing authority will pay rent on a building owned by the city’s rent control program, but the authority is not requiring the city to do so.Agency spokesman David Siegel said in a statement that “a lease agreement” was signed by the rent control administrator, Richard S. Pomerantz, in […]

When you can’t afford rent to rent,kitchens for rent floridas

Rent assistance in Florida is now open to anyone who needs help with paying for their mortgage or rent.The Florida Housing Authority (FHA) announced the program on Tuesday.FHA is offering to help low-income families pay for a one-bedroom apartment or rental, as long as they qualify for a financial hardship.The FHA will give people up […]

New York City to give all-day yoga classes in residential areas to low-income residents

New York, New York (AP) New York’s state legislature approved new rules Tuesday that will allow low- and moderate-income New Yorkers to use their yoga mats for free.The legislation gives New Yorkers the right to use the mats in their homes for up to 10 minutes a day, or for up, three, four or five […]

Get the latest news on Amazon Prime on the Amazon app for Apple Watch and iPhone, Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire TV, and other devices

Amazon has added a new feature to its Prime service for those who have a Kindle Fire or Fire HD or Amazon Fire tablet.Amazon says the new feature is a “Buy Now” button that lets you cancel rent and cancel your monthly payment, and you can also pay your rent with cash, credit card, PayPal, […]