When the Zillow Rent Strike Ends, You’ll Probably Lose the Most For Your Home

If you’re thinking about renting a home, you’re probably thinking about buying it.But as long as you’re on the lookout for a place that doesn’t have any vacancies, it may be hard to get an offer.Here’s why.Rent strike, or rent-a-rent, is an ongoing strike by Zillows and other homebuyers that has been happening for years.It’s […]

Rental income drop due to drought, drought conditions: Census report

New Delhi: In the latest census report on income and housing conditions, there is no relief for renters.The Indian government, for its part, reported a net gain of 5,621 million rupees ($11.4 million) in the year ended March 31.That’s an increase of only 7.6 percent over the year before, when the government made some adjustments […]

Why you need to rent your own room

Rental properties are now becoming more popular than ever. And they’re costing you more. The rent you pay to rent a room in your own house is determined by three factors: the location and size of the property, the rent for the year, and the quality of the rooms available.In the same way that the cost of […]