When does the government collect rent assistance?

Real Estate Rent Assistance, also known as Rent Assistance for Renters, is a government program that allows low-income renters to collect rent aid through the Housing Choice Voucher program.The program was originally created in 1996 by Congress to provide rent relief to low- and moderate-income households that were struggling to pay rent on their own.Today, […]

How to Rent a Cop

More than 60,000 people are now renting out their police officers as they battle a drug epidemic.But if you have an officer on the beat, you might be able to get a free ride to work.“It’s not just about police officers.Anyone can rent a police car,” said David McDonough, who has been working with the […]

How to make your own rent-free apartment in NYC without moving boxes or moving boxes on the street

The rent-based economy is an economic model that relies on a housing supply that’s constantly expanding, not decreasing.The supply of available apartments and the market for renting them is constantly expanding.But if you don’t have a house yet, renting an apartment could be the next logical step in your career.Renting an apartment doesn’t have to […]

Two houses for rent in the Bronx

Two New York houses for sale on Craigslist in the borough of Queens are going for $1,600 per month, a price that’s more than half the rent for an apartment in Manhattan.Two homes for rent on Craigslist are selling for $928,000.One is a $1.3 million, four-bedroom home in the Harlem section of the Bronx that […]