How to make sure you don’t need to rent your home

Tallahasco, FL (AP) — Renting your home can be a tricky business.But for some homeowners, that’s not a problem.Here are some tips for those who want to make renting easier for themselves and their family.You can rent your house out for one or more years, but if you need help with that, you might want […]

When to Rent or Buy a House

Renting is the preferred choice for many renters in New York, especially those who live in large cities.It allows them to pay their rent on time, which can be a big benefit in tough times.But renting is not necessarily the best option for everyone.The biggest reasons to rent are to afford your home, avoid foreclosure, […]

Why rent assistance is so hard to find in Oregon

The housing market has been so good in the state of Oregon that some landlords are making it nearly impossible to find rent assistance for their properties.According to the Oregon Department of Finance, there are more than 7,700 rental properties in the State of Oregon.If you’re looking for a rental, there’s no shortage of options, […]