How to find affordable rental assistance: Help with car repairs

Rents have soared in recent years, with an average of $1,100 a month for a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan in August, according to a report from real estate data firm Trulia.In August, a one and a half-bedroom unit in the Upper East Side went for $1.95 million.That’s up from $1 million in August 2018.More to […]

How to rent out a condo, buy a car, and move to India for $1,500

The US$500,000 (about $1.2 million) rent rebate you’ll get if you move to a US state with a rent freeze has been officially extended to December 30.The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has added new guidelines to the rental aid that allow US taxpayers to buy, rent out, and resell cars and […]