‘The Big Bang Theory’ returns with another round of twists in October 2017

The Big Bang, one of the most popular science fiction series on television, returns to NBC for another round in October with the series premiere of a brand new series titled The Quantum B.O.W. (Quantum Physics for Obedience).The episode, which premiered Thursday night, stars the likes of Tom Cavanagh, David Cross, Josh Radnor, Sarah Paulson, […]

A landlord must not ask tenants for their rent when they rent a penthouse for a fraction of what a regular apartment would cost

Rent controls in the US are being called “ridiculous”, and landlords are “firing people like me”.The New York Times has reported that a landlord in New York has told the tenant she can not ask for rent for the first three months of the tenancy.However, it is understood that the tenant, who lives in the […]