When rent assistance was a popular option for many low-income renters in the 1930s, rent-stabilized homes weren’t a great idea

Rent assistance was the preferred method of rent-control relief for many people in the early years of the Great Depression, but it’s been a contentious idea ever since.When rent-assistance was first introduced in 1935, the nation’s housing market was already in a financial mess and it was difficult to find a home that could be […]

How to get a decent place to live in Iowa, and the best deals

By now, you’ve probably heard about Iowa’s state budget and the state’s property tax.If you haven’t, here’s a quick recap: The state’s general fund budget is $17.8 billion, or $1.5 billion per person.That’s about $1,200 per person per year.And the state has $3.8 trillion in gross domestic product, which equals roughly $21 trillion.But that’s a […]