What to look for when looking for a rental property

The cost of rent is one of the biggest financial barriers to buying a rental home.But for many renters, that’s not the case.Many rent-stabilized apartments do not have their own owners, so many landlords will ask for their rent paid to an agency.In most cases, however, that means the rent you pay is actually the […]

Barca fans are in full force for the Camp Nou clash with Real Madrid

Barca players are in Barcelona to watch their Spanish team face Real Madrid, with some even bringing their own equipment.A lot of the equipment for the Spanish team’s camp is donated by the Barca FC team and this is also the case for Real Madrid.In fact, Real Madrid even brought their own football pitch.Barcelona FC […]

How to rent out your apartment and store your stuff

A lot of people say that you can’t go wrong with a house or apartment.It’s what you’re used to and what you’ve been taught in school.But a lot of times, people are just looking for an excuse to take out a mortgage.But there’s a catch.If you’re a renter and you’ve just been given a new […]

Is rent relief for New York City available for rent or rent-a-bed?

Rent relief for NYC can be obtained from several sources.You can use a temporary lease (usually for a short period of time) or rent an apartment.But if you need to get rid of your current rent-controlled apartment, you can apply for rent relief through the New York State Rent Relief Program.To qualify for rent reduction, […]