How to rent out your apartment and store your stuff

A lot of people say that you can’t go wrong with a house or apartment.It’s what you’re used to and what you’ve been taught in school.But a lot of times, people are just looking for an excuse to take out a mortgage.But there’s a catch.If you’re a renter and you’ve just been given a new […]

Rent forgiveness for Indianapolis residents

With the city of Indianapolis facing a record $15.5 billion budget shortfall, it’s time to get the ball rolling on rent reform.The city has already started to move toward that goal by making the rent-repayment process simpler for renters.The process was previously a challenge for landlords and was often fraught with bureaucracy and fees.Now, it […]

TESLA launches India’s first electric car, with electric motor and battery

TESMA, India — Tata Motors, India’s leading automobile maker, is now the first major automaker in the world to make a car powered by an electric motor, powered by a battery.The TESL, or Tesla-Solar Energy Lending Platform, is a blockchain-based loan platform which allows the loan and financing of electric vehicles.The new car will be […]